How do I verify a Nature Research Editing Service certificate?

If you wish to verify a Nature Research Editing Service certificate code provided as part of a submission to your publication, please click here.

What is the Nature Research Editing Service certificate?

Nature Research Editing Service will provide a certificate confirming that your paper was edited by a native English speaker at Nature Research Editing Service and, assuming all of the changes we proposed are incorporated into the manuscript, is ready for journal submission. It will allow journal editors to feel confident that the English language in your paper has been reviewed and verified. This certificate is limited to documents that are deemed the highest quality Nature Research Editing Service submissions (documents that require only one round of language editing from Nature Research Editing Service before they are publication ready). Not every paper will earn a certificate but every paper will have the opportunity.

What will this certificate do for me?

The Nature Research Editing Service certificate was created to allow you to provide proof that the language in your paper is ready for publication.

NOTE: Because Nature Research Editing Service cannot take responsibility for any part of your manuscript that we did not edit, any changes you make to your manuscript after it has been returned by Nature Research Editing Service are not covered by the certificate. Therefore, the certificate will have a verification code and website link for the journal editors to verify whether the certificate is unique and is being used for the document that was edited by Nature Research Editing Service.

Do I need to request a certificate or do anything special to have my document evaluated for the certificate?

When you make your submission and are on the payment page, you will be asked for the title of your paper and the authors' names to be included on the certificate. This free evaluation of your paper for certificate eligibility will be a part of the high quality language editing service that Nature Research Editing Service provides.

What does the certificate look like?

View a sample certificate

How do I use the certificate?

Simply submit the certificate as one of your documents in the journal submission process.

What if I did not receive a certificate?

If you did not receive a certificate, don't be discouraged. It simply means that your document needs additional revisions. Read through the tracked changes and editors' comments and make any necessary changes. After revising your paper, you may wish to resubmit your paper to Nature Research Editing Service for additional language editing.

How will I know whether I received a certificate?

If your submission received Nature Research Editing Service certification, you will be able to download your certificate directly from your account. It will be available on the 'View submissions' page, along with your edited document and invoice.